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THE HALL BROTHERS & John Carey play the 2007 Festivals! See newly-updated gig page for details.

The Hall BrothersThe HALL BROTHERS have a digital distribution deal with Indie label 'CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS' and a Publishing deal with MAORI MUSIC Publishing.

This means that their current releases 'TIME & TRAGEDY', 'DARK WATERS', Nick's recent solo album "THE GOLDEN TIME" and their latest album 'SONGS FROM THE SHORE', together with the special new single 'THE BRADFORD PALS', are now available on-line with a NEW option to DOWNLOAD your favourite tracks!

Just click on the "CD'S FOR SALE" button on the left to get hold of a copy!

Read an online review of the album at NET RHYTHMS.

The very best in acoustic music

Welcome to the new front page for The Hall Brothers -
the finest acoustic song-writing duo in the North!

'SONGS FROM THE SHORE' is the brand new album from Yorkshire's The Hall Brothers.
It contains many of the traits you'd expect from a Hall Brothers record - mature, literate songs, fine harmony singing and excellent musicianship - and yet displays a bold new direction.
Produced by up-and-coming studio whizz Andy Bell, the album is an energetic roots-rock record with a live feel.
From delicate, heartrending acoustic ballads to crashing drums and soaring guitars, 'SONGS FROM THE SHORE' showcases twelve brand new compositions and a chilling interpretation of the traditional Child Ballad 'House Carpenter'.
'SONGS FROM THE SHORE' represents the Hall Brothers and their excellent guest musicians at their very best and surely is a harbinger of great things to come for the North's finest acoustic rockers!

THE HALL BROTHERS & John Carey play the 2007 Festivals! See newly-updated gig page for details.

The gig page has just been updated with many new shows all around the country.
Please check them out!

We intend to use this new site to provide our friends and followers with bang-up-to-date news on our recordings, tours, one-off concerts and special events.

We like to think of this new site as a kind of portal (man!), giving you the information you want at a glance
and offering lots of links to draw you in to the rest of this and related sites.

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