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About Us

A brief introduction to the band.

The Music We Make

The Hall Brothers generally fall into the singer-songwriter category, with high-quality, intelligent songs performed with a largely acoustic backing. We are well-known for our wide-ranging musical styles and themes. Our songs deal with everything from love to politics without ever getting too earnest!

We see ourselves as very much an acoustic rock act, but we are often booked to play folk events, because of the acoustic nature of our sound and our occasional, radical re-workings of traditional material.

Our Musicians

The Hall Brothers often augment our basic line-up, and can therefore adapt our sound to suit different settings. We've played big, open-air concerts very successfully as a duo, but we can add any of the following musicians to the line-up; John Carey (ex-Magna Carta) on fiddle, Lee Abbott (ex-Magna Carta) on fretless bass, Mark Tunnicliffe (Recidivists) on mandolin, fiddle and octave-mandolin, Adrian Hall (ex-Formicarium) on bass, Richard Sabey (Shoo-Kitty-Shoo) on keyboards, clarinet and saxophone and Steve Carter (ex-Straight Jake) on drums and percussion.

Where We Come From

The Hall Brothers were both born in Yorkshire and have lived most of our young lives in the little village of Draughton, near Skipton in North Yorkshire. After many years of gigs, study and work, Duncan is now back at the family home in Draughton, while Nick languishes in Hall Towers in the centre of the little West Yorkshire market town, Otley. Otley is famous for being an oft-used setting for television dramas, as well as for its annual folk festival, an event that has seen The Halls perform every year since 1992.

Yorkshire, its people and heritage mean a great deal to The Hall Brothers and has been a real influence on their writing and sound.

Introducing The Band

Nick Hall

Nick Hall writes songs, sings lead and harmony vocals, plays acoustic, electric and bass guitars, keyboards and mandolin.

Duncan Hall

Duncan Hall writes songs, sings lead and harmony vocals, plays acoustic, electric and bass guitars, whistles, drums, percussion, keyboards and mandolin.

Hall Brothers The Hall Brothers